Monday, January 26, 2015

Sew Sweet Simplicity block 4! (and a giveaway!)

Today is the day for block #4!!  Yay!

I hope that you are sewing along with us on the Jacquelynne Steves block of the month project, Sew Sweet Simplicity. It's been so much fun!

My blocks have been constructed from thirties reproduction fabrics -- I just love how cheerful and bright they are. Kinda makes me forget about how cold and dreary it is in the winter. Kinda. But not totally. (Grin)

Here is my block for this month!

The boyz just had to get into the picture!

Here are some close-ups so you can check out the fabrics:


I'm trying to use fabrics that will "read" the same colors as Jacquelynne's original blocks, so I can have pink where she used pink, etc.

Here is a close-up of the center square; I'm embroidering my blocks:

Be sure to hop over and see the other bloggers that are participating. Their blocks look awesome!

Snoodles ~ Lily Pad Quilting (You're here!)

Take a peek at the Pinterest page, too, for lots of inspiration!  And hop over to Jacquelynne's blog and see what's happening there.

Jacquelynne is sponsoring a sweet giveaway again this month! Check this out:

Be sure to leave a comment to enter to win . . . let's see, what can we ask?

I know!

Tell me in your comment what you do to banish the I'm-so-tired-of-it-being-cold-and-dreary-yes-I-know-it's-winter blues!!

And as always, if you are a Lilypad follower, you can have a second entry. Just because we loves you so much.  (Grin)
Our giveaway will remain open until February 2, and then we'll announce our winner.
Good luck!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Saturday is Fun Day!! Join us, won't you?

Do you have plans for Saturday?

Woot!  We have a party planned for you!

Break out the snacks and put on a big pot of coffee or cocoa -- or if you're one of our Aussie friends, just make a large jug of lemonade!

It's time to sew along with us and catch up on your Sew Sweet Simplicity blocks! And to make the party a super-duper one, Jacquelynne is hosting giveaways and party tips on her Facebook and Instagram pages, and on her blog, too! Pop over there between 12 noon and 4pm Eastern time on Saturday to see all the fun!

Lookie what you might win!

Wow! I can't wait for Saturday to get here! See ya at the "Catching Up" Sew Along party!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Giveaway winner and New Year's thoughts.....

I sure hope that all of you Lilypadquilters had a wonderful holiday season! Did ya eat too much? Did ya make any resolutions?
Personally, I prefer to call them goals. It just sounds gentler that way. (Grin)
One of my goals is to somehow find time to pursue my therapy, er, hobbies of sewing, quilting, and needlework more often this year!
I've seen out in blogland where people are choosing words that will be meaningful to them in the coming year. Wonderful words like joy, self, comfort, and others.
Kind of like "the" present.
The Now.
Paying more attention to the moment, and savoring it.
If it's not savory, telling myself that "this too shall pass."
Have you chosen a word for your new year?
Have you set any goals?
Are you sewing with us on the SewSweetSimplicity  blocks?
(Didn't you love that segueway?)

Today we are announcing the winner of the third giveaway!

I hope that many of you are sewing along with us . . . these blocks are so cute!

Jacquelynne has been a generous sponsor, and our winner of the pattern package is:

Helen at TilWeQuiltAgain!

Congratulations, Helen! I know you will enjoy your prize! Thank you, Jacquelynne, for being such an awesome sponsor here at the Lilypad!

Stay tuned, kiddos, more fun is just around the corner!


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas! Ornament tutorial!

Glad tidings of great joy to you! Hope your Christmas is going to be wonderfully merry, and if you are celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or not celebrating at all, I wish you peace and love both now and in the coming year!
My gift to all of you is a tutorial for some adorable fabric ornaments. I always try to give credit where credit is due, and I first found this at a blog called Katrina's Tutorials. (Waving) Thanks, Katrina! (You can click on that linkie to go and see her photos and text, if my tutorial leaves you with any questions!)

I must give you fair warning -- this is a picture-heavy post, so you might want to grab a snack,

and a cup of cocoa,

and relax and enjoy the tutorial . . .

You will want to gather some supplies. First, root around in your stash and find two Christmas fabrics that play together well, like these two do:

Next, you will want your scissors, your Frixion pen, and some buttons or charms.

You'll need a piece of cardboard, and for the first ornament let's cut the circle at 8 inches in diameter. Later you can go smaller, as I will show you, but for now, let's stay large for ease of handling.

Using your Frixion pen, trace the circle onto your chosen fabrics and then cut them out. When that's done, give them a good press. They'll behave much better that way, and it makes your Frixion markings disappear!

Now you want to pin them right sides together. Padsworth reminded me that circles can be treacherous little critters, so he and DragonDrop assisted me in subduing them with pins:

You will be stitching around the circle, about one quarter of in inch from the edge. You could do a different seam allowance, but hey, we're quilters, right? We're all about the quarter inch seam allowance! (Grin)
Ooops! Almost forgot to tell you (thanks, DragonDrop) you need to leave an opening for turning; about an inch or so will work just fine.

Before we turn this bad boy right side out, let's clip some notches all the way around, OK? That will make our curves lie nice and flat.

It's always nice to have help in the sewing room. The boyz decided they would finish the turning for me.

Once it was turned and pressed, Padsworth suggested that this would be a nice time to use one of the fancy stitches on my machine, and decorate the edge.
I thought it turned out nicely!

Next, you'll want to fold your pretty circle in half, and stitch the two sides together at the center point. Here is DragonDrop to show you (see where the head of the pin is?):

Now you want to bring in the other two sides of the circle. I wanted to be precise (ha!) so I marked them with pins, too:

Here is how you manipulate this critter:

Don't let it argue with you -- show it who's boss, and bring that pin right over to the middle, like so:

You'll bring the opposite side into the center, too, so you end up with this little guy and you stitch through the center to secure them:


Have I made that as clear as mud? (Grin)

Take more than one stitch here, so that they stay secure and don't pop loose in the next step (don't ask me how I know about this, OK?).

Now you will turn back the edge on one of the four folds of fabric. Think turning down a collar, and you'll have it just right:

Isn't that groovy? See how your contrasting fabric is revealed? Now turn the other three:

Now, don't get all stressed out and worried, because this little puppy just doesn't look quite right yet. We can get him into shape, by turning him over and working with this side:

The more squared up the back, the better the front will look, and then when you turn him over, you can tweak and then press:

Remember that nifty button that you had at the start? Now is the time to secure him on your ornament; you can stitch it on and hide your stitches so the back still looks pretty:

The boyz wanted to show you the two larger ornaments when they were done:

And no visit to the sewing studio would be complete without saying "howdy" to the Official Studio Cat, Moses:

Remember that I mentioned you could make these bad boys in a smaller size?  Check this out!

I actually traced around a CD to get the circle for this one. Then I recalled that I had my Accuquilt GoBaby sitting here, and the largest circle on the triple circle die works super! (Of course, if you wanted to go even smaller you could, but my hands won't allow that!)

I really love how you can make these look so different by folding the alternate fabric to the outside! And different fabric choices are lovely, too!

I hope you had fun with this tutorial -- we had a blast putting it together for you.

And I hope and pray that all of you will have a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful Christmas or Hanukkah, and that 2015 will be a healthy and prosperous year for us all! We'll be taking a break for a week or so, and we'll "see you on the flip side"!!


Monday, December 22, 2014

Block number 3 -- Jacquelynne Steves' BOM

Are you finding time to get your blocks made? (Grin)

It's hard, this time of year, to find time to relax and sew, but it's. So. Worthwhile.

Block number three of the Sew Sweet Simplicity quilt along is released today, and I wanted to show you mine!

If you remember, my blocks feature thirties reproduction prints, and I've been embroidering the cute designs in the center of the snowball block center.

Take a peek at the center of Block 3:

I had some wonky corners on my last snowball block, so this is my tip for you . . . adjust the placement of the small block by a few threads, like so:

Then when you stitch and trim, it will be just right.

And here is this month's block!

I was forced to take my photos inside -- Ole Man Winter was just not cooperating -- but here is a better shot to show you my fabrics:

I must apologize, for I didn't find enough time to make my bonus block, but I know there will be some in our hop who did.
Be sure to visit the other bloggers that are helping with all the fun (and hosting giveaways):
BOM Bloggers (go ahead, click on 'em!)

Snoodles ~ Lily Pad Quilting (You're here!)

It's a busy time of year, but I know you are going to love the design of Block #3, which is being released today! In spite of being busy, Jacquelynne also put together a lovely e-magazine for us, which you can sign up for at her site:

Stop by at Jacquelynne's blog, too, for a wonderful giveaway she is hosting!

Three mini-kits are up for grabs -- you'll want to hop over and enter to win!

Jacquelynne is offering a lovely Red and White quilt pattern for those who stop by at her site and sign up for her newsletter. For free!

In January, we will be having a "Catching Up" event -- a Sew Along Day for those who haven't started yet, or perhaps have fallen behind on these cute blocks. We'll share more details on that later!

Now, let's talk about this month's giveaway, shall we?

Are you ready for a giveaway? (Grin) Here is what you can win!

Patterns for the Nantucket quilt, and for the Sun Blossom Tote bag, too!

Just leave us a comment here (from now until January 2) and tell us what your favorite Christmas recipe is! Followers are allowed to leave a second comment, too!

Good luck!